Membership Renewals

All memberships will automatically expire on August 31. You will need to renew in order to purchase the Wisconsin Trail Pass for the 2017 – 2018 season. It’s easy….just click on the membership link and either print off the membership form complete it and mail in to PO Box 344, Three Lakes, WI 54562 or click on the link to pay on line.

Keep in mind that with your annual membership dues to NLSC, you do receive the AWSC magazine and an accidental death or dismemberment insurance policy. This benefit is $3000 for all Primary members and his/her spouse. This benefit also includes all children under the age of 19. It includes an accident of any nature, not just snowmobile related. Our hope is none of our members will ever need to take advantage of this benefit but it is there in case tragedy strikes.


  1. Bruce Moore

    I am looking forward to the snow!!! When can I expect information on this year’s trail passes? And how about all those people out there last year that never had a pass? I saw quite a few riding without any stickers and assume that they just didn’t bother to get any. They ride the trails and take it for granted that it all just gets done for free. I know that law enforcement is busy but can I just turn in their number and the state check it out on their computers and send the offenders warnings?
    Do the snow dance and let’s get it going!

    1. Northern Lights

      Hi Bruce,

      I echo your concern. I attended the County Alliance meeting earlier this month and the Sheriff’s deputies that were there have promised to write tickets this year. The fine will be $200.50. Three Lakes Police have also committed the same. Let’s hope all riders get on board.



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