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Ever wonder where all the trails we ride came from? Ever wonder who keeps those trails open and groomed for your riding pleasure? There are countless snowmobile club volunteers that get landowners permission, brush and sign, groom and work with governing bodies to keep snowmobiling a healthy, vibrant sport. Without clubs, there would be no trails, no groomers and no winter time fun for those of us that love to ride. Club membership is cheap for the benefits you get.

• Dues are $25 per family which help support local trail maintenance
• Participate in club activities and meet new friends with similar interests
• Become part of the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs which stands up for snowmobiliers across the state promoting snowmobile friendly legislation
• Membership in the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs which include a monthly magazine and $2500 death or dismemberment benefit for family members,
• Lend a hand in keeping our trails open and well maintained when possible.

Your support would be greatly appreciated!!!


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